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21 Sebab Kenapa Minyak Zaitun Perlu Ada di Rumah

Salam semua...

Lama sangat rasenyer tuan rumah membiarkan rumah ini bersarang...

Hari nie tiba-tiba ternampak plak artikel berkaitan dengan minyak zaitun yang rasanya agak menarik untuk di kongsikan.

Disebabkan kesuntukan masa, saya cut and paste jer la yer untuk makluman kita bersama.

Semoga dengan input ini serba sedikit dapat membantu dalam kehidupan kite seharian especially tuan rumah yang semakin hari semakin busy dengan tugasan pejabat mahupun rumah... (anak dah 4...memang rasenyer tak cukup 24 jan sehari... can i ask for more???)

21 Reasons Why Olive Oil Should be In Every Home

Olive oil is one of the most widely used oils for cooking, but it’s power goes beyond just making the food taste amazing. Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat and has many health benefits that are proved by lots of scientific research. Great for heart disease, diabetes, even cancer, this type of oil must be included in every diet. This is only if we think only about the eating aspect, but olive oil have lots of uses, not only internally but also externally.
Use olive oil for:
1. Treating a sunburn - keep it cool in the fridge and applied on burned skin it reduces pain.
2. Hydrating lips that are dry – apply it a few times per day and you will see amazing results even with very dry lips.
3. Cuticle oil – if you have problems with this, olive oil can be applied daily until cuticles become moisturized.
4. Removing paint from skin – rub the oil to the spot and get rid of it.
5. Cradle cap - take a wet cloth with olive oil and exfoliate the babies head with it.
6. Facial scrub – mixed with sugar helps exfoliate the skin.
7. Essential oils carrier – most essential oils need to be mixed with a different one so they can be applied on skin otherwise they can cause irritations.
8. Cleansing oil – great for removing dirt and dead cells from skin if used on a cloth.
9. Treatments with hot oil - for example for hydrating the hair that is dried.
10. Substitute butter – makes your meals more healthy and reduce calories.
11. Makeup remover – used with a cotton ball removes all types of makeup and also moisturize the skin.
12. Prevention of mosquito breeding – if you have a rain barrel at home, apply some oil in it and this will keep the mosquitoes away from putting their larvae in it.
13. Alternative for Goo Gone – for stickers or adhesives that don’t want to come of, if they are saturated in oil, it becomes easier to remove them.
14. Head lice remover – if the hair is soaked in a lot of olive oil, it kills all head lices and the only thing you need to do more is to comb the hair and rinse it.
15. Ease an earache – olive oil helps with soothing the pain if applied warm.
16. Measuring cup aid – coat your cups when needed and the measurements will be more accurate.
17. Polishing shoes – use it with a microfiber cloth and it will remove all dirt and make your shoes shine.
18. Conditioner for cutting boards – wooden boards need a special care so if you want to keep them on long term, use once in a while some olive oil on them.
19. Alternative for shaving cream – when you are out of shaving cream this helps you avoid cuts.
20. Hairball remedy - for cats that go through hairball, if you add a teaspoon of olive oil in their food, helps them to get rid of it.
21. Remove gum stuck in hair – it happens sometimes, gently add it to the area and let it sit 5 minutes before trying to remove the gum.

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